Studio of footwear design

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The Studio of Footwear Design creates shoes and accessories that not only bring joy and convey a feeling of uniqueness but also comfort and an understanding of the natural anatomy of human feet. That is why everything we do starts with the appreciation of the fact that a shoe is essentially a shoe that has its inherent features and use. A shoe projects, a shoe helps, a shoe decorates.

The studio walks in the footsteps of legendary Zlín shoemakers. We believe that design must also go hand in hand with the knowledge of the craft and of the individual production phases. Building upon a rich history and proven knowledge, we are able to seek innovations and new, untrodden pathways. In this wayour students are given space for their own inventiveness and imagination.

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Studio Head

MgA. Jana Buch
Tel.: +420 576 036 406
Cell: +420 724 646 706
Kancelář: U16/304

Studio Assistant

MgA. Veronika Jakóbková
Tel.: +420 576 036 406
Kancelář: U16/304

Studio Secretary

Mgr. Pavla Kučeříková
Tel.: +420 57 603 6412
Cell: +420 606 777 236
Kancelář: U16/408